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Whatever your plans, FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings always give you that all-important advantage. The improved design guarantees optimum results in a broad range of applications. Longer life, less noise, lower friction – whatever you need, FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings deliver peak performance.

Less noise

Noise is significantly reduced, thanks to:

  • Improved ball quality
  • Optimized surfaces
  • Improved cage
  • Optimized raceway parameters (roundness, waviness, and surface roughness)
  • Tighter manufacturing tolerances

Generation C in Action – White Goods

Low friction

Improved osculation and even lower friction, thanks to:

  • Optimization of roundness, waviness, surface roughness as well as the cage
  • An even smoother raceway, and
  • More precise manufacturing tolerances

Generation C in Action – Electric Motors

More durable

Our bearings provide an absolutely tight seal, which means they run even longer and even more reliably, thanks to:

  • The innovative design of the Z-type dust shield that efficiently ensures that grease stays in and dust stays out
  • Even better sealing performance, thanks to available axial-contact HRS or ELS lip seals
  • High sealing efficiency without friction losses, thanks to the innovative labyrinth seal that is perfectly matched to the seal groove

Generation C in Action – Motorcycles

Generation C – Virtually Tailored to Your Needs.

Generation C components can be combined together to create the perfect bearing that meets your specific requirements. Thanks to this modular concept, we can offer you even more customized solutions, greater delivery reliability, and shorter delivery times.

Generation C components

Whether you need ruggedness or flexibility, we have the right cage for you. Our versatile bearings are available with riveted steel or polyamide cages. Both versions are especially quiet and suitable for very high speeds.


Regardless of what you ask of our ball bearings, our grease solutions help them work efficiently in all types of applications: from electric motors to white goods, tools, pumps, or compressors to motorcycles as well as in transmissions.


With available sealing options that range from a Z-type shield, a non-contacting BRS labyrinth seal, a contacting HRS labyrinth seal, or our patented ELS seal, we will find the best solution for your application.

Internal clearance

When it comes to radial clearance, you also have plenty of options – including CN, C2, C3, C4, CM, and others. And because our components are all perfectly matched to each other, your maintenance costs will be lower, too.

Product Support

Schaeffler Service

We want you to get the very best performance and efficiency out of our precision products. To make sure this happens, they have to be used properly. To that end, Schaeffler offers you the necessary product support. Our mounting service, training programs, as well as services for properly aligning, lubricating, and monitoring bearings ensure that your Schaeffler products last a long time.

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With BEARINX, We're Already at Your Side During the Development Phase.

With BEARINX, our proprietary – and free – online tool, you can generate a detailed friction calculation for your project in advance, with the results provided to you in convenient PDF format. This means we're already helping you to successfully implement your ideas during the development phase.

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